Friday, November 26, 2010

Beginning Drawing Final 2008

For my final for my beginning drawing class way back in my 1st year of college (I'm a third year now) The final was to appropriate and combine two master artists styles into one piece. For my piece I chose Edgar Degas and Roy Lichtenstein. I chose Degas for his value on the female body and his ballet moment-in-time scenes. I love Liechtenstein's pop art based on comic books of the early 60's.
Here are some sketches and copies of some of their works that we had to complete before beginning the final:

And here are some preliminary sketches for the composition of my final piece:

I eventually  went with the one on the lower right to turn into this:
 Its about 24.75 x 38" and used pastel and ink. The one here was fixed with photoshop.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Just a few things I've been working on for fun and for class! Pixar and Disney fan art for fun.

All rights to Disney+Pixar

CTN Expo

Today I went to CTN Expo in Burbank, Ca. What a great experience ya'll!

Sculptor guy. I don't know who he is though. eek
Color script panel by Pixar.

Life Drawing Model. Nice


J. Scott Campbell's back during demo. +Red head lady:

Demo close-up. sweet.

Bought a lot of stuff and also lost some things....but learned a lot from people from Dreamworks, Pixar, and met pro artists like Tim Sale, J. Scott Campbell, Stephen Silver, Sean Galloway just to name a few!

O yeah 21 years young today (yesterday)! :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

first post :D

So I want to try and organize my work on this blog. So here goes :]

Here is the second project from my 2D Design class. The assignment was six shaded versions of 1 composition.
The assignment had six different scenarios we had to incorporate.

    1.  3-D forms/ high contrasts
    2. flat graphic . hard outlines
    3. fog effect/mid grey-white tonal range/ 3D forms
    4. low light effect/ mid grey-black tonal range 3D forms
    5. enhanced deep space effect
    6. composite/abstraction

    This was the architecture of Cal State Fullerton Student Union. I wouldn't say it's my best work, but I enjoyed the class very much! Can you guess which one is which?