Friday, January 21, 2011

The Drawing Club

My friend invited us to a life drawing session in LA hosted by the Drawing Club. Last night's theme was inspired by the work of Toulouse Lautrec. Our model was dressed as a French can-can girl. It was a lot of fun!

 And not so successful ones..

I did a lot more drawings but ..meh. Also there was so many talented artists there. It was a little intimidating but I'm glad I went. Anyways well worth the experience! Thanks Chris for the invite.

EDIT: The Drawing Club posted the drawings done that night. Can you believe all the great artists I was in the same room with?? JOHN MUSKER?! If that's the same John-Disney-Musker I thought it was..then GARSH DARN NIT!   That is CRAAAZZY. I actually saw him and thought he looked familiar..still WOW.



  1. WOW, these ARE good!! And don't worry, I'd be intimidated too by the Drawing Club members hehe GREAT JOB, James!!!!

  2. Thanks!! I didn't know you went before. We should all go again sometime!