Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AM Squared

Here were some commission sketches from AM2 this past weekend. 

WARNING: This is a judge-free zone (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Lolita Korra
Alex and Luna from Lunar

Tuxedo Mask

OTP: Ursula and Amon..
 There were a few more that included the patrons riding a Charizard, Pidgey and a male Korra.
Met some wonderful artists and thanks everybody who came by !


  1. "judge-free zone" lolz
    Why should there be judging; these look great!! Especially the Lolita Korra!! I can see the construction lines drawn very well :D

    And that Ursula....hhmm....

  2. Hey Sir James! It's me, the person who traded buttons for your lovely Korra print at AM2. Just wanted to thank you again for the trade! It was very generous of you to do so and I will cherish the print forever! And I hope you did well at AM2 and will do well at other future cons too. It was very lovely meeting you there! Sincerely, Vy.