Sunday, June 3, 2012

謝謝, ありがとうございます, Merci, Thanks

So I ended my 4 month Nickelodeon internship on The Legend of Korra this week. It has been such a crazy/ good experience. Met a lot of wonderful and talented people as I gained such a large amount of knowledge. I was so lucky to be on a show that has gained such positive response. I will miss all the wonderful relationships I made. I'll be back next spring once I graduate, so until then! 

As a parting gift I made these for everyone on the crew and other cool people at the studio:


Character Design class with Joel
Nickterns Spring 2012!

It's been real guys!


  1. WOW, the Amon was is SO LEGIT!! I am sure your crew loves and adores these as much as we do!! Congrats on your successful completion of being a Nicktern!! :D

  2. Dag yo, Asami and Amon look sweeeeet

  3. glad you had a good time James!

  4. tsk should have draw personalized individual cards for everyone. twenty push-ups!

    jkjk! lovely work, as always <3

  5. damn fool! the metal lady is sick